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रविवार, नवंबर 01, 2009


(Dr Sukhpal)

To ensure inclusive growth for all times to come in the Indian economy, there is strong case for replacing post mortem approach by prognosis approach & target orientation to result orientation” observed Dr. M.M. Goel, Professor & Chairman Dept. of Economics, Kurukshetra University , here today. He was addressing the Postgraduate students of economics at Arya College on the topic “Rationale & Issues in Good Governance of Indian Economy.”
We can call a Government a ‘good Government’ if it gives SMART administration. By the SMART administration, we mean a Government which is Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent. To ensure transparency, Right to Information Act 2005 is necessary but not sufficient and calls for its implementation with political will and commitment by politicians and bureaucrats in power, observed Professor Goel.
We need to encourage and incentivise a culture of good governance and accountability at all levels of operation in the economy which calls for change in the way of planning, policy making, communicating, analyzing, understanding, adopting, implementing, accountability, responsibility, attitude and aptitude of manpower of all kinds, said Professor Goel.
According to Professor Goel, we need good governance at all levels of operation in the Indian economy because we have been suffering from poor governance. Our governments at the centre and state level proved to be ineffective and inept. Our people have little confidence in police force. Our politicians both in power and opposition are insensitive and callous towards the people and their problems at large. He also added that we are the victims of slow to respond bureaucracy, said Professor Goel. The other examples of bad Governance includes mismanagement of the budget and financial resources at all levels of Government, Cumbersome procedures of doing business of any kind and makes a case for good governance, believes Professor Goel.
To bring a change, we need to overhaul our system of governance with true-self accountability as mantra of progress and prosperity in India and else where in the World. To give a blue print of good governance, we need to analyze the system with perspective, adjustment to Mai-Bap culture, keep options and opinions open at all times, tendency of observing and personalizing issues needs to be checked. The old tussle for supremacy between the executive and the judiciary calls for See-saw balance, believes Professor Goel.
Earlier Dr.Jagdish Gupta Principal of the college welcomed & introduced Professor Goel. Dr.Anirudh Bharti proposed the vote of thanks.

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