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शुक्रवार, नवंबर 06, 2009

Andhra teachers fired for having sex in school and making CD

Two primary school teachers in Tallasingram village of Nalgonda district in the state of Andhra Pradesh were suspended after a CD showing the sexploits of the duo was found circulating in the town.

Enquiries by the district collector and magistrate revealed that Ramesh (35) and Geeta (42) would retire into the staff room around noon after assigning students some class work and would remain locked inside till the closing bells.

Neither the students nor the parents had an inkling of the goings on. "We presumed that they are resting or correcting the class work after lunch," said Divya, a student.

Police said Ramesh would record their sexual acts on his camera phone. A fortnight ago, after he had accumulated enough footage, he approached a local I video parlour for converting it into a CD. The owner of the video parlour made copies and started circulating them, police said.

After a copy landed with the local media, the matter came into the limelight.

Ramesh has been arrested and booked under the obscenities act.

"On the basis of prima facie evidence, I have placed the two teachers under suspension and ordered an enquiry into the episode by the District Education Officer," said District Collector Purushottam Reddy Activities in the school have come to a standstill since it is a two-teacher school. No new teacher has been appointed yet. Angry parents are up in arms. "Both are married with kids. They should be dismissed," said Mallesham, a parent.

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