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सोमवार, नवंबर 30, 2009

mismatch of manpower in various trades should be checked--Dr M.M Goel

Bilaspur (Yamuna Nagar), November 30 – “To check the mismatch of manpower in various trades, there is a strong case for continuous research on estimating demand and supply of manpower today,” opined Professor (Dr.) M.M. Goel, Chairman, Dept. of Economics of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. He was addressing the students of Janki Ji Institute of Management & Technology, Marwakalan (Bilaspur) today on the topic, “Essentials for Manpower in Marketing in an era of Continuous Change”. Shri Parveen Garg, General Sectretary of the Institute management, Dr. B. K. Vashist, Director of the Institute, and Institute Faculty were present on the occasion. Dr. B.K. Vashist, introduced and welcomed Professor Goel.
‘Earn while you Learn’ scheme in educational institutions providing some part time jobs to the needy students can do wonders for vocational & on-the-job training which calls for involvement of the corporate sector in a big way. They not only should come forward for campus selections but adopt and finance education of their future employees as per their requirements, emphasized Professor Goel.
To become hero from zero and villains of market in present times of un (healthy) competition, the motivated manpower in marketing is the need of the day which can sell ideas, goods and services to the consumers who are the real heroes in search of quality with warranty, guaranty and standards in the market of t, said Professor Goel. He believes that crisis of faith and ethics in marketing are the root causes of deteriorating marketing standards and are serious issues of concern for polluting relationship between marketer and the customer of today.
To survive in an era of continuous change marketers need to be honest, humane, and hardworking in providing real value products and services to the customers.
To exert influence, motivate and inspire the customers, we nee manpower in marketing with qualities of head and heart having higher emotional quotient. He further said that the consumer Protection Act1986 have far reaching implications in relationship between seller and buyer leading to behavioral pollution. We need to study history of consumption as a powerful tool to understand the dynamics of social groups from different income strata for verifying consumption theories as aid to development of policy for inflation targeting and to interpret the non economic factors in inflation. It is essential for bringing objectivity in measuring and controlling inflation with concrete plan of action replacing cosmetic measures, said Professor Goel.

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