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शुक्रवार, दिसंबर 25, 2009

Chautala shielded Rathore, says Ruchika’s father

Panchkula, December 24
Breaking his long, painful silence, Subhash Chander Girhotra, father of Ruchika —who committed suicide after being allegedly molested by a top cop SPS Rathore — today alleged that the then Chief Minister OP Chautala had shielded the accused and even other successive governments did nothing to bring him to justice.

Girhotra, who, for the first time came out in open and pledged that he would keep on fighting till Rathore is punished, said had the government taken action on the report of the then DGP RR Singh, his daughter would have been alive today.

Girhotra said his entire family was uprooted and even forced to flee, while his son was implicated in fake criminal cases, leading to suicide by Ruchika. “Today, we have no shelter. We had to sell our house to avoid repression at the hands of Rathore. The career of my son, who aspired to be an IAS officer, has been ruined,” he rued.

The politicians and bureaucrats joined hands to shield Rathore and the DGP’s report was buried, he further alleged. “The incident took place on August 12, 1990. DGP RR Singh submitted his report within 20 days (September 3) of the incident, indicting Rathore, who was an Inspector General of Police at that time. But, no action was taken against the accused, who was, shockingly, promoted to the DGP’s post,” said Ruchika’s father.

He demanded that all those who shielded Rathore should be booked for abetment to suicide. Seeking security from the state government, he alleged that he had received threatening telephone calls after the judgement in the case.. “Kya kar liya tumne said the caller and I disconnected the phone before he could say anything further, “ claimed Girhotra, adding that he did not open his mouth against Rathore till now as he was scared of retaliation from the influential accused.

Narrating his woes, Girhotra said his house was stoned after complaint against Rahtore was lodged and the family was chased and threatened wherever they moved. “Police arrested my 14-year-old son six times, tortured him and kept him in custody for 2 months. Ruchika could not bear this and committed suicide,” he said

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