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गुरुवार, दिसंबर 03, 2009

Need to create level-playing field for various categories of (PCPs)-- Dr M.M.Goel

Kurukshetra, December 3-‘To commemorate the International Day of Disabled Persons not as an annual ritual with lip service, we need to create level-playing field for various categories of physically challenged persons (PCPs) who are otherwise victims of injustice in all walks of life. So far the socio-economic conditions of PCPs in India are concerned; they continue to be the same because they are weak and unorganized. We need to be empathetic and not sympathetic to improve the lot of PCPs with full sense of responsibility and concrete plan of action as in the USA number of steps under American Disability Act (ADA), observed Professor (Dr.) M.M.Goel, Vice-President Antarjyoti & Chairman, Department of Economics, Kurukshetra University here today.
The rehabilitation of PCPs is justified not only on social & moral grounds but economic considerations, stated Professor Goel who has done research on PCPs and calculated social rate of return under alternative assumptions about the contribution of vocational training to the life-time-net-benefit-stream which varied between 10.67 and 30.58 per cent in the case of one-year and between 5.29 and 17.46 per cent in the case of the two-year training courses for various categories of PCPs including Blind, Orthopaedically Handicapped and the Deaf & Dumb.
The correlation of placement probability with time was significant in case of the physically handicapped. However, the correlation of the time and placement probability was the highest in the case of the blind. A study of relative movements of inflow of job-seekers through registration and. placements also revealed a similar picture. The correlation of relative traffic intensity' with time was significant in the case of the orthopaedically handicapped and the blind, said Professor Goel- a specialist in human resource development.
All the stake holders and institutions for PCPs should understand that investment in physically handicapped persons has the basic aim of maximization of the use of facilities provided, or the output turned out for the given amount of expenditure, or the minimization of the amount of expenditure required for giving a set of facilities to convert the handicapped into working human capital or producing a pre-determined output, said Professor Goel
We need to motivate corporate world in the real sense and spirit of corporate social responsibility with trusteeship vision of Mahatma Gandhi for societal concerns and sense of sacrifice with altruism for weaker sections of society in India, stated Professor Goel.
Ofcourse, there is a case for equalization of the benefits for all categories of physically challenged persons in the present era of globalization with greater mobility. We need to narrow the wage gap between normal and PCP workers in India, opined Professor Goel who is also convener, Intellectual Cell of Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC).

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