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सोमवार, फ़रवरी 08, 2010

“Gandhian Strategy fulfills all the criteria of innovation with the weapons of ahimsa and swadeshi -- Dr. M.M.Goel

Ambala City, - “Gandhian Strategy fulfills all the criteria of innovation with the weapons of ahimsa (non-violence) and swadeshi. Innovation means doing things differently to make the possibility of the impossible. Innovative leaders grow a small idea in to a fantastic opportunity. They convert problems in to opportunities. They have hindsight, foresight and insight as possessed by Gandhiji. We need convex lens leadership with shared vision as Gandhiji did by bringing people together instead of concave lens leadership which divide people on caste lines.” Observed Dr. M.M.Goel Professor & Chairman, Dept. of economics, Kurukshetra university here today in a special lecture on the topic ‘Non-violence of Mahatma Gandhi: Reinterpreted for Super Power in Making ( India )’ being organized by Gandhi Studies Centre at M.D.S.D. Girls College . An economist of unique wisdom, follower of Lord Krishna and thinker Professor Goel said that richness does not mean more wealth, it does not mean more saving but it means we need ‘no more’. Non-violence of the father of the nation can better be understood in the definition of economics by Professor J.K. Mehta “Economics is the science of human activities considered as an endeavor to reach the state of wantlessness” a state of no needs status. It establishes the relationship of economics with ethics which brings perfect happiness (state of bliss) and is reached gradually, said Professor Goel. Professor Goel expressed his grief and pain for the comments of Noble Laureate in economics Amartya Sen in his 2005-book “The Argumentative Indian” (page 7) with terms like “not entirely with propriety or elegance” which are more piercing than Nathuram’s bullets. Mahatma Gandhi’s emphasis on simple but free life, symbolized by Khadi and Charkha, can not be allowed to be ridiculed by top intellectuals like Dr. Amartya Sen. Youth who want to follow the "The Path to Peace" will be very confused by Dr. Amartya Sen.’s anti-Gandhi propaganda based on lies and illogical analysis should not be tolerated, opined Professor Goel who is also convener Intellectual cell of Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee. Earlier Dr. (Ms) Kiran Angra Principal of the College welcomed & introduced Professor Goel.

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