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गुरुवार, अगस्त 12, 2010

The social utility curve can be shifted upward with selflessness attitude -- Dr. M.M.Goel

Kurukshetra-The motto ‘Not Me But You’ of the National Service scheme(NSS) is capable of giving new meaning to rationality in economics which has created selfish behaviour among consumers of all kinds and needs to be substituted with selflessness, said Dr। M।M।Goel, Professor & Chairman, Dept। of Economics, Kurukshetra University here today. He was addressing the participants of the ongoing orientation course for NSS Programme Officers being organized by NSS Cell of the University in joint collaboration with Institute for Development & Communication, Chandigarh . The social utility curve can be shifted upward with selflessness attitude of altruism better than the selfish individuals who takes care of themselves, opined Professor Goel.
To lay the foundations of a new and just social order, altruism- the principle of living and acting for the interest of others need to be understood, analyzed, interpreted and adopted in totality by Indian youth including students, said Professor Goel.
To ensure secularity, the blood donation and spirituality need to be promoted among youth who are the harbingers of change for better tomorrow. The color of blood is red for one and all with any caste, creed or gender, opined Professor Goel who himself donated blood 37 times and proved to be a motivator as NSS volunteer and Programme Officer.
Spirituality- the science of soul is gender neutral and can best be understood through the message of Bhagwad Gita which is ism neutral, religion free treatise on management and welfare economics, said Professor Goel .
NSS can give a new meaning to the horizontal and vertical division of labour in right perspectives which promotes dignity of labour with cooperation among students, said Professor Goel.
Earlier, Dr. CDS Kaushal, Programme Coordinator NSS welcomed and introduced Professor Goel to the audience present on the occasion.

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