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गुरुवार, अक्तूबर 28, 2010

Kaif's Safe Secret: Split With Salman… Final!

Well, expect the unexpected. Katrina Kaif has unleashed… a candid confession! And gone on record stating that Salman Khan, 46, and she are no longer a cozy twosome. That their seven year old relationship has already hit Splitsville!
States Kat in a tabloid chat, "I wouldn't like to specify when. That's between the two of us, but it just happened. That doesn't mean that we look the other way when we see each other. There's no bitterness between us."
A close pal of Katrina's states, "Salman and Katrina have parted ways many times, but this time the love game is truly over. Even after her relationship with Salman ended, Katrina has never stopped caring for her Salman and his family. On their part, the family too hasn't stopped looking out for Katrina. To this date, Katrina remains very close to Salman's sister Alvira and that will never change."
States Kat with finality, "Our relationship status seems to be bothering everyone. But now enough has been said on the subject. There's so much happening in my life now. I just want to concentrate on my career."

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