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रविवार, दिसंबर 02, 2012

Akshay Kumar's 20-min dance for Rs 1.5 cr on Kabaddi World Cup

BATHINDA: The state government left no stone unturned when it came to making the opening of the World Cup of Kabaddi more glamorous. The main attraction of the event was Akshay Kumar who charged Rs 1.5 crore for a dance. In the first world cup, the state government had spent Rs 2.33 crore and Rs 3.32 crore was spent by sponsors.
This time a budget of more than Rs 5 crore had been kept for the event and Rs 15 crores have been collected from sponsors, most of who are into real estate. The budget of prize money as decided by Punjab government is Rs 6.50 crore.
Akshay Kumar was seen at the event for about 45 mins, including his dance sequence of 20 mins, for which he has charged Rs 1.5 crore. He stayed at hotel Sepal in Bathinda. About six rooms were booked by Wiz Craft company for the purpose. Akshay Kumar reached the Bhisiana airport from Mumbai through a helicopter and traveled to the stadium from there.
About Rs 4 crore has been spent by the state government on Bollywood stars this time. The total expenditure of the opening and closing ceremonies of the kabaddi world cup will stand at more than Rs 6 crore. In the world cup event, actors like Asin, Himmesh Reshamiya and Punjabi singer Miss Puja will showcase their talent at the event in Bathinda.
The responsibility of the opening and the closing ceremony of the championship has been given to the Wiz Craft company for Rs 6.15 crore.
The expenditure of Bollywood stars will also be paid by Wiz Craft. Rs 75 lakhs were spent on the opening and the closing ceremony of the first kabaddi world cup. Wiz Craft will also pay for the stage set-up, lighting, sound and fireworks.
Akshay Kumar was seen taking a round of the stadium on a motorcycle and about 1000 schoolchildren also be performed with the star.
Director of the sports department of Punjab Shivdular Singh stated that the total budget of the world cup this time is Rs 20 crore.

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